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Uncategorized Photo by Munem Wasif

Photo by Munem Wasif


Lifetime Achievement Award for Bangladeshi photographer Bijon Sarkar

Bijon Sarkar remains one of the unsung heroes of the Bangladesh photographic movement. With a penchant for experimentation Sarkar’s photograms of the sixties were remarkable not only for the nature of the work, but because it happened in Pakistan, in complete isolation. Experimentation remained his passion even into the digital age, where he took abstract motifs from found objects to digitally synthesise human and other conventional forms. Unencumbered by the libido that weighs down many a talented photographer and with an integrity rare amongst pragmatists, this quiet reflective artist worked more for the community than he did for himself. Sarkar was a dark star in a glittering galaxy.

Length of the cord that attaches the receiver to the base of the telephone
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