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How to pass the candidate’s exams perfectly

Excellent ways to prepare for the candidate examinations In order to successfully pass the candidate minimum, you must regularly attend classes organized by the department. When self-training should use the methodological recommendations issued by the department, as well as contact the teacher for advice. Candidate examinations themselves in the form of conducting are practically the same as any other exams, as well as preparation for them. However, unlike the student’s answer, the candidate’s answer must be deeper and fuller. To do this, you need to analyze more sources when preparing to study the issue from different sides and give a detailed answer in the exam. If the surrender of the candidate’s minimum has failed. It’s okay! Sessions, during which you can pass the candidate examinations, are held twice a year. Retake of the exam during the same session is not allowed. Theoretically, with an unsatisfactory evaluation for a candidate’s exam, a graduate student can be expelled from the graduate school. But in practice this happens very rarely. The post-graduate student, most often, is given the opportunity to retake the exam during the next session. No one will deduct from the graduate school of one who fulfills an individual plan, speaks at conferences, writes articles, etc., only on the basis of one uncommitted examination

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